Snap, Study, Learn at Liberty Midlands Mall

Snap Study affords shoppers the opportunity to study online Boston Connect courses by spending R1 500 (once off or cumulative spend) or more at Liberty Midlands Mall. Customers are required to shop at any of the mall’s stores, take a photo of their slip/s and WhatsApp it to 011 551 9019. A voucher code will be sent back which can be redeemed for one of 170 valuable online courses to study. Customers are able to utilize this for themselves or send to someone else.

Customers are able to upskill themselves through courses that cover several disciplines such as Interior Design, Entrepreneurship, Wellness, Data Science, Real Estate Finance and Social Networking to name a few. If they would prefer to use their points to upskill someone else, or donate them to an Education Fund, that option is open to them as well, and lends towards assisting others in self-development through education.



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